It involves a certain level of commitment once you decide to build a collection of luxurious watches like Rolex. This is how a watch winder will be very useful for your collection. Find out everything you need to know about Rolex recommended watch winder on the following page.

Watch Winder: What Is It?

Generally speaking, a watch winder is a device specially designed to keep a timepiece moving. The device replicates the effect of the watch when it is being worn. A watch winder itself is plug-in or battery-powered. 

By replicating the effect shown when your Rolex is worn, the device will make sure that the mainspring of the watch stays wound. A high-qualified watch winder usually comes with a silent motor. This feature will make it possible for you to adjust the turns per day (PTD). In this way, you can configure the watch to your Rolex or any other specific watches you have. It means that you can carefully keep the watch wound when you are not using it. 

This is also to make sure that your Rolex keeps running and displaying the correct time and date. All you need to do to operate the watch winder is by setting up the motion direction. You also need to set up your watch’s number of rotations per day. Then, put your timepiece on the cushion holder of the Rolex recommended watch winder and the device will start moving. 

Do I Need It?

Depending on who you ask, a watch winder can serve differently from one person to another. If you are a collector of luxurious watches, a watch winder can be an indispensable weapon. However, the device can be a pointless expenditure if you don’t have extra money for it.

If you are lucky enough to have a large collection of automatic mechanical watches, a watch winder might be needed. It is more essential especially if you want to swap and change the watches regularly. Having the device will also be more convenient for you. This is because you don’t need to wind and set the watches first before wearing them.

Depending on the quality, a Rolex recommended watch winder can run between $50 or higher. The costlier watch winders are usually more feature-heavy. However, no matter how much the watch winder costs, it should come with two main attributes. They are some sort of timer and the ability to rotate in various directions like counterclockwise, bidirectional, and clockwise.


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